Český Krumlov - Tour of town


Český Krumlov In the southernmost part of the Czech Republic there is a region which is an ideal place to experience some highly interesting adventures. Its centre is the town of Český Krumlov which, although not large in size, is all the more attractive due to its bewitching atmosphere that harks back to ancient times. Thanks to its unique medieval buildings it has been rightly protected by UNESCO since 1992. As a natural centre it is vibrant not only with history, as over time it has become a city of culture, art and remarkable experiences, and offers up tidbits from its varied menu of cultural events, ranging from visits to museums and galleries to concerts at any of the seven musical festivals or performances laid on as part of the traditional celebrations or special night tours, to events held in the stylish inns. Surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty it attracts all those who want to have an unforgettable, unusual and fascinating time.

Tour of the town – We begin our tour at the Jelení zahrada car park, from where we cross the footbridge over the Vltava to Široká ulice and the Egon Schiele Art Centre, and then on to Kájovská Street to the Museum of Wax Figurines and the E. Beneš bridge. We shall now continue past the Hotel Růže and turn into Kostelní Street, then along Horní Street past the music school and to the Český Krumlov Regional Museum, from where there is a beautiful view of the medieval town centre. We go along Horní Street back to náměstí Svornosti with its renaissance town hall, Marian plague column and fountain. We then walk along Radniční Street to the Lazebnický bridge, then continue along Latrán street with its colourful mediaeval houses to the Červená brána (Red Gate) and into the first castle courtyard and the bear enclosure. From here we can either go on a tour of the castle or return back to the town.

In search of romantic ancient times one can take a tour by car, first to the 13th century Rožmberk nad Vltavou castle (24 km), built on an important trading route leading from Bohemia to the wealthy upper Danube region via the Vyšší Brod pass. On the way you should stop at the ruined Dívčí kámen castle which is near the village of Třísov, 12 km to the north east of Český Krumlov.

On the trail of the Christian orders we go by car first to the Zlatá Koruna monastery, about 6 km from Český Krumlov. The monastery was established in 1263 by the Cistercian order, which had another monastery in Vyšší Brod. This monastery, a pearl of Gothic architecture, was established in 1259 by the Rožmberk family about 34 km from Český Krumlov. The premises house the postal museum.

By car for fun and enlightenment we suggest that you go to the Schwarzenberg Shipping Canal (about 48 km from Česky Krumlov), which was built to join the Vltava and the Danube in the 18th century to provide a waterway for the transportation of wood from the Šumava to Vienna. You can visit the Schwarzenberg Shipping Canal Museum in Chvalšiny (11 km) or the Horse-Drawn Railway Museum in Bujanov (23 km).

The Krumlov circuit is a cycle trail of medium difficulty, suitable for more proficient parents with children, which offers several views of the historical centre of Český Krumlov along its route. It passes through the surrounding forested countryside along paths and roads. One of the several attractive stopping-points along the route is the Rožmberk castle. The route is 49 kilometres in length.

The Lipenský circuit is a demanding cycle route that requires several days, during which you will circle the entire Lipenské lake and see the beauties on either side. Sights worth mentioning along the route include Čertova stěna, Vyšší Brod, Svatý Tomáš, the Schwarzenberg Shipping Canal, Nová Pec, Horní Planá, Černá v Pošumaví, Frymburk and Lipno nad Vltavou. The route follows paths and roads and is 108 km in length.

The UNESCO cycle route joins the Southern Bohemian monuments on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, and takes you from Český Krumlov to Holašovice, which is has been listed for its uniquely preserved folk architecture. It is one of a dense network of cycle tracks that surround the Blanský les Protected Region, and the Český Krumlov to Holašovice section is 24 km in length.

The sightseeing tour of Krumlov called the 'love-letter' tour commences by the Budějovická brána. You then walk through the city, through all the castle courtyards, stopping maybe at the bear enclosure, from where you continue along the castle gardens, through the Dubík wood, the Plešivec estate, across the bridge over the Vltava to the chapel on Křížová hora, from where there is a beautiful view of the city. The route is 10 km in length.

A walk to Kleť begins in the First Castle Courtyard from where you follow the green route to the signpost with the blue marker under the Nový Dvůr game preserve. After having followed the blue route, the Princess Terezie route, you come to the red marker, which leads you to the summit of Kleť which is 1070 m above sea level. As well as the viewing tower, there is also the highest astronomical observatory in the Czech Republic. The route is 15.5 km in length.

Třístoličník - Plechý - Plešné jezero – your journey will start first by train to Nové Údolí from where you follow the red route around the Rosenauer monument to the top of Třístoličník. From here you continue along the red route along the ridge over Trojmezná hora to Trojmezí and from there to Plechý. Then follow the yellow route down around the Stifter monument to the Plešné jezero. The route is 30 km in length.