Lent - Introduction

Village Shrovetide processions and masks in the Hlinec Region

Descriptions of Shrovetide processions and masks in the Hlinec Region have been documented since the 19th century. In some villages, they have been occurring spontaneously for several generations almost unchanged to the present (Hamry, Studnice, Vortová). Shrovetide masks have their traditional form and function, and most commonly men are disguised. Only few villages do not respect the tradition and allow even women, or children to wear the masks (Blatno, Studnice).

The Shrovetide procession is led by the Spotted Man and Wife, who go from door-to-door in the village based on a predetermined order. They wish each household prosperity, health and play songs as requested. The majority of inhabitants prepare the traditional feast (mainly donuts and alcohol), a financial reward, and actively participate in the whole event. The procession ends with the ceremony of the killing of the Mare (one of the masks), and a dance is held in the evening.